Student Loans

Student debt is a crisis. The real heart of that crisis is that interest on student loans has made the banks big-time moneymakers. We need to restructure our student loan programs to work for all of us, not just banks.

Student Loan Objectives

  • Interest Forgiveness:

    Forgive all interest on existing student debt. Students must pay back the principle on their loans, but they’re not obligated to enrich corporate shareholders. Moreover, this will stimulate the economy by increasing discretionary income and improving the credit-worthiness of millions of Americans.
  • 0% Loans:

    Make all future student loans 0% loans. The Federal Government will still get a return on its investment through the increased income taxes associated with people who have attained degrees in higher education.
  • For-profit College Liability:

    Make for-profit colleges secondarily liable for all student loans. If a college generates a profit, it must be as a result of providing an education, not just collecting tuition.
  • All College Liability:

    Make schools secondarily liable for student loans if the student can show that the college failed to provide the student with the skills necessary to succeed in the economy. This will cause schools to focus on things like personal finance, business development, client communication, and all the skills that are necessary to make an education function in the real world. This should be a particular support for students who are traditionally disenfranchised by the workplace. Schools will have an added incentive to support students’ long-term success, not simply their ability to attain a degree.

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