Climate Change & Environmental Justice

Climate change is the greatest existential crisis that our world is currently facing.  Years of corporate negligence and government inaction have led to dangerous climate conditions and damage to our ecosystems, wildlife, health and well-being. For far too long communities of color and the most vulnerable and resource-deprived communities have disproportionately experienced the harmful impacts of environmental and climate damage.  This must stop. 

While in Congress I will be a bold leader that will fight to end climate change and transition our current systems, resources, and infrastructure to sustainable, clean, and renewable sources. We must act now.

Climate Change and Environmental Justice Objectives

I support:

  • The Green New Deal:

    I support the Green New Deal resolution that commits the United States to a ten-year mobilization to achieve domestic net-zero emissions by 2030.  The Green New Deal is the blueprint for bold and aggressive action to transition our current economy and infrastructure to a green economy. The Green New Deal supports the creation of thousands of jobs in green infrastructure and the training of our current workforce to justly transition to a green economy. 
  • Clean Energy:

     Congress needs to continue to explore renewable energy resources, including wind and solar, and dramatically decrease America’s dependence on fossil fuels. I will support legislation that provides resources to innovation and research in clean energy and technology.
  • Carbon Tax with Dividend to Taxpayers:

    Emissions from carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are negatively changing the climate. To dramatically change the production of these emissions, I support a carbon tax that is imposed on people, government, and businesses who are burning carbon-based fuels. This tax is levied at the time that fossil fuels are extracted from the earth and put into the stream of commerce or imported into the United States.  This will place a monetary incentive on reducing carbon emissions.  The tax should be a dividend directly to taxpayers.
  • Environmental Protections:

    We need to reverse the current administration’s actions to roll back environmental protections and restore the environmental damage that has been done.  We must protect vulnerable habitats and resources.
  • Corporate Accountability

    I support holding corporate actors accountable, financially and criminally, for their actions that harm the environment.
  • Environmental Justice:

    We must support and provide resources immediately to communities that are bearing the brunt of climate change.  We must protect vulnerable communities that have had their health, property, and land damaged because of bad actors that knowingly and intentionally commit environmental negligence.

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