Medicare for All

  • Access to Mental Healthcare
  • Protect Reproductive Care
  • Lower Prescription Drugs
  • Access to Addiction Treatment
  • Reproductive Rights
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Environmental Justice

  • Green New Deal
  • Carbon Tax with dividend to American Taxpayers
  • Corporate accountability
  • A Just Transition
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  • Support Equality Act
  • Support Do No Harm Act
  • Support Fair and Equal Housing Act
  • Support Every Child Deserves a Family Act
  • End Trans Military Ban
  • End Conversion Therapy
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  • Raise Teacher Salaries
  • Matching support beyond costs tuition for public college and universities
  • Make public college tuition free for everyone
  • 0% loans and interest forgiveness
  • Support vocational and trade schools
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Student Loans

  • Forgive interest on existing student loans
  • Make future student loans 0%
  • Make colleges secondarily liable
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Economic Justice

  • Gush-up Economics
  • Fair taxes and close corporate tax loopholes
  • $15 minimum wage
  • Expand safety nets
  • Rebuild Infrastructure
  • Defend Social Security
  • Increase affordable housing
  • End food insecurity
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Racial Justice

  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • End Private Prisons
  • Support businesses owned by POC
  • Police reform
  • End white supremacy
  • Black Lives Matter
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Immigrant Rights

  • Abolish ICE
  • Protect Dreamers
  • Pathway to Citizenship

Women’s Rights

  • Protect reproductive rights including right to an abortion nationally
  • Equal Pay
  • Paid family leave
  • Free birth control


  • Protect voting rights
  • End gerrymandering
  • Reduce big money influence
  • Democracy Dollars

COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Give Americans $1,000 per month for duration of pandemic
  • Establish plans for long term economic growth
  • Shift unemployment bonus tto workshare bonus
  • Backstop state and municipal budgets
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  • Build an American pharmaceutical manufacturer of last resort
  • Fix outdated legal system that benefits “Big Pharma”
  • Hold beneficiaries of Opioid Crisis accountable
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  • Take cannabis off Schedule 1 Designation
  • Allow for widespread use of canabis
  • Allow regulation and taxation of cannabis
  • Expunge record of cannabis crimes
  • Ensure those impacted by its criminalization benefit from its legalization
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Rhode Island

  • Support off-shore wind technology and innovation
  • Invest in young entrepreneurs
  • Support small businesses
  • Continue rebuilding infrastructure
  • Focus on supporting working class families

Top down declarations of policy do not work.

Our team is developing a new approach. We need your help and your input. We need to learn where are blind spots are. We need you to share your perspective on the problems if we want to have any chance of understanding the whole issue. None of us is as smart as all of us.

This is our idea:

  1. Set out our philosophy of government. 
  2. Identify areas that we believe are important.
  3. Draft policy Concepts based on our initial perspective of the problem
  4. Open ourselves up to meaningful public participation.

This is the most important part: Please tell us what we missed. Help us understand what we are not aware of. 

We have a great team, but we’re only this good because each of us takes the time to listen. Each of us is willing to be wrong or admit ignorance and then learn. It is our most sincere hope that you will lend us your experience and expertise.

Bit by bit we will release policy over the course of the campaign, we hope this helps us have a series of meaningful dialogues which will support our movement toward a better system.

Our political philosophy is simple: True freedom only comes from true equity.

There is a gap between the aspirations of the American Experiment, and the truth of our American Reality. Once we are truly free to be ourselves and each of us has truly equal opportunity, we will have achieved the American Dream. This breaks down into two foundational truths: 

People are People.

Human equity demands that no law exists that limits the freedoms or unalienable rights of any people. 

Equal Opportunity.

Economic equity means that so long as our zip-code, gender, or race are better predictors of our health and wealth than our individual actions, we are not truly free.

Now is our moment. Together we can design and build the future we deserve.

Join Us

We need your help to make this movement the new wave.


Every dollar counts. Every dollar is more momentum.