A Letter from Dad

Hey Dylan,

Here you go again. Running for Congress this time. You love to compete. As a kid, that especially came through when you were playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. Mom and I had to stop you from signing up for so many teams so we could get to Colleen’s and Brady’s activities too. As I watched you play, I saw that it was about a lot more than the competition. You were never the best player, but you were always the best teammate. Whenever one of your teammates had a bad game, you were always the first to give him a big smile and tell him to shake it off – there’s always tomorrow.

As you grew up, we got ourselves into a few father and son scrapes together. My favorite is when you were in the 8th grade at St. Brendan School and I was called into the principal’s and pastor’s office because you had setup the March Madness bracket pool for your class (they knew Mom had not shown you how to do it). You received detention and it was a particularly cold and blustery March for me at home.

Despite some other misadventures together, here we are now. We call each other out when we make mistakes and we support and encourage one another when we do the right thing.

You have an utterly tenacious work ethic and an insatiable appetite to serve others. These qualities have both a spiritual and civic source – to love your neighbor and serve your country.

I have listened to you tell me about your hope for the future and the really hard work and total commitment it will take to realize that hope.

I want to be with you and tell Copeland that he is growing up in the greatest democracy in the history of the world – dedicated to justice for all its citizens.

Our state and country need the strength and clarity of purpose that you will bring to Congress. Godspeed.


William J. Conley, Jr.
William J. Conley, Jr.

Father of Dylan Conley