Small Business Neglected in Recovery Plans

“Congress has failed Rhode Island business. When the Great Recession hit in 2008, despite the lessons that could have been learned from the dotcom bubble, Congress was without a plan. Without a concrete plan in place for economic downturns, lobbyists and big banks were able to direct Congress to focus on corporate bailouts instead of…”


All Americans are entitled to know who we truly are. We must educate on our country’s whole truth – our failures as well as our successes. Without understanding our past failures, we will not learn how to overcome future challenges. We need real changes, with real teeth, on every level.

A Letter from Dad

I have listened to you tell me about your hope for the future and the really hard work and total commitment it will take to realize that hope. I want to be with you and tell Copeland that he is growing up in the greatest democracy in the history of the world – dedicated to justice for all its citizens. Our state and country need the strength and clarity of purpose that you will bring to Congress. Godspeed.