Labor Day

On Labor Day, we owe it to ourselves to understand how the decline in Unions has led to the rise of Wall Street. This Labor Day, it’s time to recognize how important the labor movement is to our economy and to our own personal income regardless of whether or not we are a part of a Union.

When people say that Trump “isn’t the problem, he is a symptom,” what they are talking about is that our systems have been designed so that money makes money instead of labor. This is the fight that the labor movement has always waged.

We all know that over time shareholders have taken in more and more income and grown more and more powerful while the rest of us are working harder for less money. And Washington ignores us.

The number one driver of that phenomenon? A massive decline in the private sector unions:

Dylan Conley
Dylan Conley

Democrat, R.I. District 2 Congressional Candidate