A Different Campaign

This campaign is different. It’s different because we are in the midst of a pandemic that will keep me from meeting most of you face-to-face. It’s different because we’re embarking on something completely new. My team is young. We’re fresh. We have bold, new ideas. We want to bring about real, meaningful change.

And we want you to be part of the campaign. Just because we’re apart, doesn’t mean you can’t take part.

Getting our ideas out and listening to your perspectives won’t be easy when we can’t be within 6 feet of each other. We want you all to be in “the room where it happens,” but many of us can’t be in the same physical room.

This website will be one of the ways that you and I can connect. Here, you can learn more about our campaign’s policies, our movement, and me. This is our town hall for now. Blog posts, videos, virtual events. You’ll find it all here.

I’m going to be as transparent about the campaigning process as possible. This campaign isn’t just about me. This campaign is the embodiment of the reality that in this crucial moment in American history, we the people have the ability to rebuild the system. Our immediate sights are set on a single seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. We want to share the knowledge that we gain from this process with the public to break the stigma of campaigning and politics. We want to encourage all of you to assemble your own teams to run for whatever office you care about.

When your team and my team are working independently but focused on the shared goal of turning our American Dream into the American Reality, we become the new wave.

Follow the Movement

You can also follow our campaign and our movement on facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube below:

Thank you for your time and stay safe!

Dylan Conley
Dylan Conley

Democrat, R.I. District 2 Congressional Candidate